Terms of Service

Kungfu Novel Terms of Service


Ⅰ.General Provisions

The ownership and operation rights of KungfuNovel (including any other form of subsequent development of client and website) belong to the platform. The platform has the right to entrust or transfer the rights and obligations of KungfuNovel service or under this agreement to the platform's associated platform or other third party for operation, management and performance. The platform does not need to obtain additional grants from KungfuNovel users ("users" or "you"). Right, but at that time will try to inform users of such entrustment or transfer through the client, website, offline and other ways in a timely manner. Users should read this Agreement carefully before using KungfuNovel's services, and agree to abide by all the terms of this agreement (especially those that prompt users'attention in a bold way) before they can become KungfuNovel users. Once the user registers successfully, they form a contract relationship with the platform, and the user shall be bound by this agreement. The right to modify the protocol belongs to the platform, and the platform does not assume the obligation to notify users. Users should keep an eye on the modification of this Agreement and decide whether to continue using the KungfuNovel service. If the user continues to use the KungfuNovel service, it will be deemed that the user accepts the modifications made by the platform to the relevant provisions of this agreement. Users agree and authorize the platform to take any form of legal action in the name of the platform, including but not limited to copying, using, editing, plagiarizing and re-publishing the contents of KungfuNovel on third-party platforms, including, but not limited to, complaints, lawsuits and other necessary safeguards.


II.Registration Obligation


In order to use the KungfuNovel service, users promise to fill in the correct registration information such as mobile phone number according to the registration prompt. The platform is not responsible for any information registered by users in KungfuNovel, including and not limited to identifying and verifying the authenticity, correctness, completeness, applicability and up-to-date information of any registered data.


III. Service Contents


The specific content of KungfuNovel service is provided by KungfuNovel according to the actual situation, such as image and video screening, information flow recommendation and so on. The platform has the right to upgrade or make other adjustments to the KungfuNovel service it provides and will update the page in time or inform users in other ways. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the use of any new features, including new products, that add or enhance the current KungfuNovel service by users is governed by this Agreement. You understand and agree that the KungfuNovel service is provided only in accordance with its current status. The platform is not responsible for any user information or personalized settings, such as timeliness, deletion, transmission errors, non-storage or any other issues. The platform reserves the right to suspend any part of KungfuNovel service without prior notice for maintenance, upgrade or other purposes. Users understand that the platform only provides technical services related to KungfuNovel services. In addition to the equipment related to related network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices related to access to the Internet or mobile network) and the required costs (such as telephone and Internet charges for access to the Internet, mobile phone charges for use of the mobile network) should be paid by users. Take it on your own.


Ⅳ.Compliance with the Law


You promise to abide by the relevant laws, regulations, rules, normative documents and so on. You understand and promise that if any of your actions on KungfuNovel are found by judicial or other authorities to be in violation of laws and regulations, resulting in a crime or infringement or any legal liability, you will bear it all on your own, and the platform has the right to suspend or terminate your KungfuNovel account at any time, and refuse to use part or all of the services provided by the platform. In addition, if the platform considers that any content you provide is suspected of being illegal, immoral or unsuitable for display on KungfuNovel, or if the platform has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information you provide is untrue or malicious, damages the legitimate rights and interests of the platform and associated platforms in any way, or affects the normal operation of KungfuNovel, the platform has the right to suspend or Terminate your KungfuNovel account permanently and refuse to use part or all of the services provided by the platform. You promise not to disseminate in KungfuNovel information containing the following:


(1) Opposing the basic principles laid down in the Constitution;


(2) endangering national security, divulging State secrets, subverting state power and undermining national unity;


(3) Damaging the honor and interests of the state;


(4) inciting national hatred and discrimination and undermining national unity;


(5) Destroying the state's religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;


(6) Disseminating rumors, disrupting social order and destabilizing society;


(7) Disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime;


(8) insulting or slandering others and infringing upon their legitimate rights and interests;


(9) Other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.


Ⅴ.Intellectual Property Rights


The platform enjoys intellectual property rights over all functions, software, services and contents, materials (including and not limited to web pages, text, pictures, audio, video, pictures, etc.) provided by KungfuNovel, except that users have legally acquired intellectual property rights for their published content before using the platform services or that relevant rights holders should enjoy rights according to laws and regulations. Without the consent of the platform and relevant rights holders, users shall not reverse-engineer, reverse-compile or disassemble KungfuNovel-related functions, software and services, nor publish, broadcast, rewrite or redistribute the above-mentioned contents or materials directly or indirectly in any media for the purpose of broadcasting or publishing, or for any other purpose. You promise that all pictures, text, video or audio files uploaded on KungfuNovel will not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. If the documents you upload infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties, resulting in any legal liability or loss of the platform or associated platform, you will have to pay full compensation to the platform or associated platform. And you authorize the platform to use your uploaded content for research and learning purposes. At the same time, you agree that the platform will use your uploaded content as screening material to recommend to other users on the KungfuNovel screening homepage or use it in other reasonable ways in good faith.


Ⅵ.Information Security


Although KungfuNovel has account security functions, you understand and agree that as a user, you have an obligation to properly keep your account and password information. If you find that your KungfuNovel account or KungfuNovel service has been illegally used by others, you should immediately notify the platform. If the account, password and KungfuNovel service are illegally used by others due to hackers or negligent custody, the platform has the right to refuse to take any responsibility. The platform is willing to work hard to ensure the security of your account through technical means within a reasonable business scope, but you also understand that there is no "perfect security measures" on the information network. You should backup the content you upload, publish or store in KungfuNovel from time to time. The platform is not obliged to return or provide any data or content to you during and after you use the KungfuNovel service and terminate the use of the KungfuNovel service.

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